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Play While They Play. Get Live Sports Scores

NextToScore: #1 Live Sport Game

NextToScore should come with a warning: Simple, Fun and Addictive. NextToScore is a live sport game that lets you guess which of the Home or Away team will score next. You can play individually or with friends at any time during the game. Guess right to earn points and bragging rights. NextToScore is part of a suite of Live Sports games by SportDrum

How it Works?

Q. What is NextToScore?

It is a live sport game based on real time, live game data that lets you choose your "NextToScore Pick" i.e. which of the teams will score next during a game

Q. How do I play?

After you launch SportDrum, click on NextToScore and choose either the Home or the Away team as the team that will score next

Q. Can I choose my NextToScore pick before the start of the game?

A. NextToScore picks are made after the start of the game

Q. During the game, when can I start picking my NextToScore?

A. Anytime during the game

Q. Can I change my NextToScore pick?

A. Yes, you can change your mind at any time during the game. We use the last NextToScore pick that you made before the next goal is scored

Q. Do I need to choose my NextToScore pick before each goal?

A. Yes, your NextToScore pick is only valid until the next goal is scored.

Q. What happens to my NextToScore picks at the end of the game?

A. We log all NextToScore picks that are followed by a goal. NextToScore picks that are not followed by a goal are flushed out

Q. How do I know if I Won?

A. We send you a notification/alert letting you know that you won (or lost). Enjoy the animated graphics ;-)

Q. Is there a fee to play NextToScore?

A. Players are given a number of play points for FREE. SportDrum subscribers get an unlimited number of play points